Corey Manshack Corey Manshack

I would like to personally thank you for visiting this resource I created about myself. There are probably only a few reasons why you would be here, either you are a lost friend, some family, a coworker, a curious employer, or there is an odd chance you are some strange person that found me online and wants to know more. I hope I have included everything about me that you should need to know to connect with me, if not let me know!

Social Connections

Projects I Create and Maintain

Gates of Anrah - My PHP Game, that I rarely work on because there are no constant players.
Super Free Domains - Site I created so registrants can earn free domain names.
MTG Card - Database for Magic the Gathering I created to be effecient but lost interest.
Your Domain Goes Here (YDGH) - Founded in 2009 with Wayne Rhoton to provide hosting to customers.
PC Gaming Rig - Online store selling gaming computers. (Not Finished).
3 Letter Domains - Assists users with getting a 3 letter domain name and other 3 letter domain name information.
SEO Web Guy - Something I started to do SEO work, programming, and integrations for people.
DC Security - Website I created for mainly a backend to keep track of customers.

Email Me: corey at